Okay, so Steve Page has asked a question, the best way to improve your power output for a ten minute continuous duration. Best way to improve you. There is a couple of ways we can address this. Obviously building a bit of an aerobic base and some strength work to build a foundation is generally how I’d approach it. I’d build some aerobic base and some strength work off the bike, on the bike, strengths work. Four to eight weeks of that. Then I’d start working on specific time trial efforts.

The first thing I’d step into is we’d do two-minute efforts. We’d do five two minute efforts with a reasonably good recovery in between so that your overall training, five times, five two minute efforts is ten minutes all right. You’re doing five two minute efforts and the reason we’re doing this is your threshold level is higher. You’re putting out more power. You’re getting used to putting out more power because the duration of two minutes is shorter.

Then we start extending that endurance duration out, we may do three five minute efforts. Try to maintain a high power level then what you’ve previously done. Then we start practising doing specific ten-minute efforts. That’s how we run through it. It’s a fairly standard approach to it. That’s how I would address it.

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