In this video, we talk about how to re-balance a dominant leg.

Both Simon and Gail, they’ve asked the same question, and it’s how to re-balance your power when you’ve got one dominant leg.

There’s a few things that you can do, but the first thing that’s really easy is to increase your cadence. Now, when you’re riding on a flat road or where the tire went, you want to increase your cadence to around about 100 rpm and really work on your pedalling technique. By doing that, that’ll help smooth out your pedalling, and it’ll help ensure that you’re using both of your legs with the same degree of intensity.

Now, another way to do it is to go out and get yourself a fixed-geared bike, so that’s a bike that’s got one gear on it and it’s fixed, like a track bike. What happens is that when you’re riding along, there’s no free-wheel so as you’re pedalling as your bike is moving, so you don’t get any rest. But the great thing about that is that it does help improve the rebalancing of your muscles. Now, we’re still hearing about pro riders using this technique–that is using a fixed-wheel bike to develop their pedalling technique and to rebalance their legs.

Now, I generally use this technique pre-season or at the beginning of the season when you’re doing a lot of endurance riding. Now, another thing that I recommend to cyclists is that they do some cross-training, and I actually recommend walking as a good form of cross-training. Now, it’s obviously not going to replicate cycling specifically, but it will help rebalance your legs up.