My downgraded training wheels… Heavy, lots of spokes and aero-nothing. Built tough for plenty of km’s to be ridden out training. A true “tough cyclist’s training wheel”.

Want to get really fit? Then get yourself a really good set of “tough cyclist’s training wheels”.

I’m not talking about the wheels you put on a kids bike to stop it from falling over. What I’m about to share with you is one of the best things you can do to help improve your cycling performance. A set of tough cyclist’s training wheels. So get ready to toughen up.

In the Unwritten rules of cycling etiquette article it mentions that “carbon wheels are for racing! And that they shouldn’t be brought out on a training ride” I’ve seen it all. People riding local bunch rides on Zipp 404’s, Campagnolo Bora’s and Carbonsport’s Lightweights. Seriously? Seriously soft!

Training on heavy wheels is one of the best ways to develop strength. Come race day or that special event and you’ll be flying when you put on your light aero racing wheels.

I’ve just down graded my training wheels from a pair of older Campagnolo Zonda G3s to a set of tough cyclist’s training wheel.

Theses Zonda wheels are the ones with the Campagnolo record hubs and plain gauge spokes in them from the early 2000’s. They are a fantastic training wheel.

Unfortunately they don’t meet the tough specifications of a tough cyclist’s training wheel… But my new wheels do…

The criteria for the tough cyclist’s training wheel is as follows:

  • Aero nothing No aero spokes or rims
  • Lots of spokes 32 or more
  • Heavy training tyres built for puncture resilience rather than speed
  • Heavy
  • Ultra durable and robust

So meet my new tough cyclist’s training wheel:

Mavic Open Pro rims – box section – no aero rim section here. 32 hole with Continental Gatorskins, my personal choice for training tyres. Plenty of spokes. Get these wheels up to 45km and you can feel the drag coming off all those non-aero spokes. Like dragging a car tyre through sand. Climb a hill, yep these are heavy.

Powertap hub on the rear with the durable Campagnolo Record Quick Release. Campagnolo 12-26 cassette. Good for keeping my cadence high-ish while climbing those steep hard LAT hill efforts but with enough gears to keep me from spinning out when we hit 60km/h along Beach Road in the morning training.

Campagnolo Record 32 hole front hub brought off e-Bay and built into the same Mavic Open Pro 32 rim as the rear wheel – This hub is ultra durable with real round ball bearings. Fully serviceable. With just one small allen key you can have this hub in parts within seconds. Nice classic look too.