In this video, I talk about 3 tips for riding up steeper climbs.


Hey, it’s David Heatley here from Cycling-Inform, and today I’m going to be talking about the three tips to help you improve your hill climbing on steep climbs.

Just behind me, it’s a little bit of a super steep climb here that I regularly ride up.

So here are the three tips for climbing steep climbs.

Find really steep climbs in your area and ride up them

The first one, find really steep climbs in your area and ride up them. You can do that, or the other option, you can simulate it on home trainers as well. But go out there and find the steepest hills. I like to find the steepest hill in my area and ride up it. Maybe I need to see somebody about that. Maybe it’s a bit of a crazy thing to do. I guarantee that if you go out and find the steepest climbs in your area and ride up them, you’ll get better at climbing steeper climbs.

*** If you experience knee pain while climbing up steeper climbs please stop and see a medical practitioner.

Get some good gearing on your bike

All right. So here’s tip number two. The second most important thing, get some good gearing on your bike. Now I ride around on a compact crankset and a 32. We used to ride on 25s, have moved to the 32s, but I’m actually contemplating going compact crankset and a 34. If you get some decent climbing gears on your bike, you’ll be able to ride up steeper climbs really, really easily. Well, a lot easier than you are now.

Stand up on climbs

All right. Now, tip number three is…  Stand up on climbs.  You’ll get a lot better at climbing up steeper climbs, like the really steep ones. The steepness is only for a short period of time. The great thing about standing up is that you can generate more power. Well, momentarily, and that’ll help you on those steeper climbs. Now, if you’re on an exceptionally long, steeper climb, then you want to remember tip two. What was that? Tip two was to get decent gearing. All right? So you can get on top of the gear.

Okay. So I hope that helps. I hope that helps you become more awesome on the bike. Three tips for climbing steep climbs. You always get better when you’re out there riding on steeper climbs. All right. So it’s been David Heatley here from Cycling-Inform. Have a great day. We’ll catch you soon.