Fully Supported Cycling Training Camp and Informative Evening Lectures

Training Days
Riding KM’s
Vertical Meters

17-21 Nov 2017

  • Standard Package
  • Accommodation not included, see below for options.

17-21 Nov 2017

  • Premium Package
  • Accommodation not included, see below for options.

16-20 Feb 2018

  • Standard Package
  • Accommodation not included, see below for options.

16-20 Feb 2018

  • Premium Package
  • Accommodation not included, see below for options.

Standard Package

  • Fully supported rides with support van and support riders
  • Evening seminars covering latest in training information
  • Bicycle Mechanic
  • Seeded into a group that match your ability
  • On road descending and climbing skill sessions
  • Work with leading Australian Cycling Coaches

Premium Package

Everything in the standard package plus:

  • Daily massage
  • Daily bike cleaning and maintenance*
  • Priority access to the premium rooms at Bright Chalet (note, you’ll still need to book your accommodation separately with Bright Chalet)
  • Attendance to the Friday pre-camp workshop if you are not a current premium member with Cycling-Inform

* Note: any repairs requiring spare parts will be at an additional cost.


Day 1 – Mt Buffalo


71 km

1,420+ vertical meters

Easy, go at your own pace, climb the scenic Mt Buffalo to ease you into what’s to come…

Day 2 – Falls Creek


120 km

2,200+ Vertical Meters

The longest and hardest day of the camp. Another stunning ride!

Option 2 – Mt Beauty return – 70 km

Option 3 – Top of Tawonga Gap return – 35 km

Day 3 – Mt Hotham


110 km

1,820+ Vertical Meters

Yes, it’s a big day. But you don’t have to ride the whole stage! We have turn around points at Harrietville and the control gates!

Option 2 – Control Gates return – 80 km

Option 3 – Harrietville return – 52 km

Day 4 – Tawonga Gap Loop

120 km

1,355+ Vertical Meters

A challenging but rewarding ride, again through some fantastic scenic mountain climbs.

Option 2 – Harrietville return

45 km



The Camp is based at Bright Chalet.  We recommend all camp attendees stay at Bright Chalet. We have secured a fantastic room rate so please contact them directly to book your accommodation.  All rooms include 3 meals per day for $110 per night for twin share.  You can book by phone on (03) 5755 1833 and don’t forget to mention you’re attending Bright Boot Camp to get the deal. People who have purchased the premium Bright Boot Camp package will get priority access to the limited number of premium rooms available at the Bright Chalet.

Camp Itinerary guide

12:00pm – 3:00pm – Seasonal planning, goal setting and fix your training workshop – EXCLUSIVE CYCLING-INFORM ONLINE TRAINING CENTER MEMBERS ONLY* 

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Camp registration

Saturday – Day One
7:25am – 7:40am: Rider Briefing
7:40am – 12:00pm: Mt Buffalo with descending and hill climbing workshops (workshops are weather dependant)
5:00pm – 8:00pm: Evening seminars and Dinner (cost not included unless staying at Bright Chalet)

Sunday – Day Two
7:25am – 7:30am: Rider Briefing
7:30am – 3:30pm: Falls Creek return, Mt Beauty return or Top of Tawonga Gap return

Monday – Day Three
7:25am – 7:30am: Rider Briefing
7:30am – 2:30pm: Mt Hotham return, Mt Hotham Toll Gates return or Harrietville return
5:00pm – 8:00pm: Evening seminars and Dinner (cost not included unless staying at Bright Chalet)

Tuesday – Day 4
7:25am – 7:30am: Rider Briefing
7:30am – 1:30pm: Gaps Loop or Harrietville return
3:00pm: Late Checkout

* This exclusive workshop is only for our active premium members. To find our more click here  

Full camp itinerary will be provided four weeks before camp date

What Our Clients Have Been Saying About the Bright Boot Camp

Larry Sperling – Singapore


Nerissa McDonald – VIC, Australia


Merran, Bec, Nerissa and Ayllie


Andrew Peake – NSW, Australia


Jason Potter – VIC, Australia


David Rooney – VIC, Australia


Simon Leung – VIC, Australia


Jason Potter – VIC, Australia


Sean Ryall – VIC, Australia


Warwick Lee – NSW, Australia


Merran Cowper – QLD, Australia


Glenn Rosenberg – QLD, Australia


Byron Gordon – SA, Australia


Bill Gordin – VIC, Australia


Jill Lloyd – NSW, Australia


Alan Ford – NSW, Australia


Richard Bowen – VIC, Australia


Tom Vaughan – SA, Australia


Philip Hind – VIC, Australia

The support riders did an excellent job and cannot thank them enough. Also, they knew how far to push everyone (which was good), especially for me the third day up Hotham. David’s suggestions and ideas that he gave me were invaluable. I did learn more about descending than what I thought I would, especially when to brake and putting my weight on the outside pedal when going through the corners really helped. I think you and Jodie did an excellent job of running the camp, well organised and well run. The seminars were very good, very good.
Tim Simcox, Victoria
I thoroughly enjoyed the Bright Boot Camp. It was very well organised with the rides presenting some great challenges. Terrific advice on riding techniques – especially on descending and riding in groups. The support riders were superb – very engaging and highly supportive. Special shout out to Jesse, Ray and Dave. Thanks again to you and Jodie.
Sean Ryall, Victoria
Just home from Boot Camp. Thank you both for the most amazing 4 days. We were so fortunate to have such fantastic weather in such a beautiful place for all 4 days. You have converted a “flat lander” into a lover of hills. The Camp was great and extremely well organised so thank you again. The support crew made things so easy and thank you to Clem for all his tips and encouragement. It was great to meet other riders and spend time with a great bunch over the 4 days. I will definitely be back next November.
Thanks again to you both.
David Hunter, New South Wales
As compared to most tour group style camps where the riding is generally aimless day-in-day-out & frustrating due to too many riders with different abilities & goals forced to ride together, your camp provides a structure for all riders of different abilities to aim to complete each day to the best of their ability and riding in groups of riders of similar ability. Even though it is not a race, completion of each day is still a challenge, where you feel a sense of satisfaction to finish but you also provide the opportunity to test yourself to the extent you want to up the climbs.
Clem Piscitelli, Queensland
Certainly all the hills that I have along my usual bike route, no longer seem like hills, at worst just bumps in the road maybe. That was the mistake I made, thinking that by riding up and down Kinglake a few times that I would be well prepared for the likes of Falls creek and Hotham, how wrong I was… It was a tough 4 days but well worth the experience. I really appreciate all the efforts of all the support team, the young men from State of Matter/MAPP, Jodie and yourself.
Mike Wyckmans, Victoria
All the attendees from all three groups were so friendly and sociable even when we were not riding we were often socializing over dinner, lunch or other during the 4 days. Most of us came only knowing one other person or sometimes not knowing anyone else, but cycling and our days activities bring us together as a group of friends and a team. I will certainly be back next year.
Paul McGregor, South Australia
Thanks for another great boot camp. This year I signed up for the premium version of the boot camp, and it met my expectations. I came into the camp looking for motivation, and my lead-up training had not been as strong as previous trips to Bright. However, my riding got a little stronger every day of the camp. By the final day, my Strava Tawonga Gap time was a personal record. Part of this improvement I put down to the fantastic afternoon massages, pep talks from the support riders, the evening skills lectures and the motivation of riding in the company of a great group of people. Fantastic event as always.
Anthony Hawkins, Queensland
Legs were the best they have been today since Bright. Felt good going up Greenhill Rd for 6.5 km @ 6.5% and beat my best by 10 seconds and I know there is better PR’s ahead in the next three weeks or so. Also, set a PB going down Mt Lofty to the Tollgate, 20 seconds better!! I am rapped with that as it felt so easy going down cornering and in control and can go much faster in future. Pass on my thanks to Kevin, your support rider, for his excellent tips descending on Mt Buffalo!!!
Glenn Tee, South Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bright Boot Camp is structured around either the serious recreational rider or club racing rider who is looking for a challenging four days of riding. Not intended to be an easy four days this cycling training camp is focused on helping improve your fitness and general well-being as a cyclist. We provide informative lectures on improving cycling performance. Riders that have attended these cycling training camps regularly see a marked improvement in their cycling performance around two weeks after the camp.
There is no difference between the way we run each of the camps. The only difference is that the Feb training camp is usually warmer than the Nov camp due to the time of the year.
Riders that attend these cycling training camps are keen races or serious recreational cyclists that may have ridden rides like “Around the Bay”, “The Alpine Classic” or the “Peaks Challenge Series” and are looking for the next big event. This is not to say that people haven’t ridden these events can’t come to the camp. We get a good cross section of abilities and cater for them accordingly. Riders or groups of riders can also attend the camp and provide their accommodation if they choose. We have people from all around the world attend the camp. Many riders use our camp as training for their mid-year European cycling trips, the Tour of Bright, the Bicycle Network’s Peaks Challenge series or the Audax Alpine Classic.
This is four big days of riding through some of the largest accessible climbs to cyclists in Australia. You do need to have a good cycling base before coming to this camp. For some, the weekend is filled with just four things; riding, attending the seminars, eating and sleeping. We do have shorter versions of the rides for those that want to take it a little easier or don’t meet the fitness requirements to climb to the top of Hotham and Falls Creek. Click here to check out the course details.
The Bright Boot Camp is structured so that it can be ridden by the novice to the elite cyclists.

You would need to:

  • have been riding regularly for more than two years
  • able to complete a 100km ride with ease with an average speed above 25km
  • be comfortable riding in a bunch of 10+ riders.

Remember that everyone is different so these are recommendations, and you should take into consideration your personal circumstances.

Ideally, a minimum of 200 km a week for at least six weeks before the camp if you want to complete all four full days of the camp. Again, everyone is different… We now offer shorter rides for those that want to experience the fantastic ambiance that the Bright Alpine region has to offer without having to commit totally to the four big days. Every day is flexible, so you can now tailor your Bright Boot Camp experience as you ride. It’s also great if you plan to bring your family or partner to the camp.
The camp is based at the Bright Chalet and we recommend that camp participants stay there. Sorry, accommodation is not included in the price of the camp, but we have negotiated an amazing twin share rate at Bright Chalet, which includes accommodation and three meals. Premium rooms will be allocated to people that have purchased our premium package. Please contact them for your booking arrangements on (03) 5755 1833 and mention that you are attending our training camp or book in at your preferred accommodation in the Bright region. Please don’t try to book online as they have it booked out for our camp – so it’s important that you call them to make your booking.
No, but if you book your accommodation with Bright Chalet three meals are included in the package that we have negotiated for you. Bright also has lots of restaurants, cafes, two pubs, an ice cream shop and a well stocked and reasonably priced Supermarket that sells wine. Whether it’s eat in, takeaway or dine out, you certainly won’t go without a place to buy food. It’s all within walking distance from our accommodation.
No, you’ll need to make your own travel arrangements to get to Bright for the camp.
Sorry, we do not. Please make your own travel arrangements to get to Bright for the camp.
Depends on how fast you ride them. Some of the climbs take over 2 hours to complete. It’s a go at your pace. You will have support riders helping you during the ride. On the first day, we will get an indication of your comparative fitness level based on your climb of Mt Buffalo. From this climb, we will seed you into one of the three or four bunches that you will ride in for the rest of the camp. We have shorter rides for those that want to take it a little easier or don’t meet the fitness requirements to climb Hotham and Falls Creek.
YES! We recommend that you ride with compact cranks (50/34) with a 27, 28 or 29 teeth rear sprocket for the area. Remember the climbs are long so having a comfortable gear that you can climb in for sustained periods is very important. The biggest recommended gear is a standard crankset (53/39) and 27 teeth rear sprocket.  It’s all down to personal choice though so if you’re an elite rider you may find a 27 quite adequate.
We have a blend of elite cyclists and keen recreational cyclists that attend every camp. On the first day, we seed the riders and place them in one of three groups that are appropriate for them for the rest of the camp. That way they get to ride with riders of the same ability. The groups each have different agendas. Group 1 goes flat out where group 3, come long for a challenge, meet nice people and enjoy some lovely scenery. If it all gets too hard, then we offer shorter rides. We even have some of group 1 join us for this ride on the last day.
Yes, we do. The number of women that attend the camp varies from camp to camp. We generally get quite a few to each camp.
The Bright Boot Camp was a concept that was created after a training session during 2006′s Australia Day weekend. We all had such a fantastic time that we decided to extend the invitation to cyclist all around Australia. We wanted to create an unforgettable four days of cycling that would make a lasting impression. Something that the participants will share with their cycling buddies when they get back home.
Yes, we provide comprehensive on-road assistance to all riders with support vehicles and support riders that perform “domestique” duties and provide coaching assistance during the rides, you just have to ask them.
Yes. We run a descending clinic (weather permitting) on the first day then work with you on your descending skills for the remaining three days.