Got this quick tip sent to me today from Paul at Bike Fit. It’s a quick tip for when you replace the cleats on your cycling shoes... Thanks Paul for letting me re-publish it here.

By Paul Swift,

Always remember to mark your cleats before you loosen anything and make any adjustments. Once your cleatis loose, you lose all reference points if you do not mark them up, as a first step to the process. Also, if you do not like the changes, you will not know what position to move them back.

See photos below for a visual illustration. Mark the cleat with more than a tracing outline around the cleat itself. Add lines on and off the cleat to the shoe to help guide any potential changes.

Use a marking pen (i.e. Sharpie) of some sort. We usually have black, silver & gold colors [depending upon the color of the shoe sole] at BikeFit to make sure we can see what we are marking. The additional color allows you to see changes from your starting position.